This blog commences in January 2019. Meanwhile, for anyone wondering what an interrobang is, let me show you with an example:


“You slept with her”, she shouted. He needed the punctuation mark.

A question mark “?” and he could deny it. An exclamation mark “!” and the game was up. But, for her, both were welded together.

Question and exclamation marks aren’t always enough on their own. You need both at the same time. Like, what the heck?!

You can’t really write “?!” That looks odd and sloppy. So, enter the interrobang “‽” It’s both question and exclamation, curiosity and surprise.

You heard of interrobang‽ See what I did there‽

The little known interrobang expresses excitement and disbelief. It even asks rhetorical questions. Think I made this up‽ It has, actually, been around since the 1960s.

You’re excited to know this‽  And you know that it’s also called interrabang‽

You won’t see many interrobangs floating about day to day. You’ll see them here, though, where curiosity and wonder meet.

Interrobang: a site where you’ll find questions with surprising answers. Let’s explore together.